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Chara knew exactly what he was doing

03/13/11 | by yevez | Categories: Sports and Games, Hockey

A little come back on the Zdeno Chara - Max Pacioretty incident, I just have one thing to say: Nobody will make me believe that Chara didn’t know what he was doing. He attempted to hurt Pax and he succeeded.

And all that because Pacioretty shove him a little bit that after he scored the winning goal in overtime over the Bruins on January 8th. During the following match (Feb 9th) when the Big Bad Bruins were back with a lot of roughness (how else could they beat the Canadiens?), Chara was constantly looking to get Max and his eyes were really crazy.

Comes the March 8th match and who Chara seriously hurt? Pacioretty of course. You believe in coincidences? Not me.

Chara is a murderer in the coming and he’s even been sanctioned by the league to continue this way. No suspension for him and Pax might never play hockey again. National Hockey Clowns League. NHCL.

Chara hit on Pacioretty march 8th 2011
Zdeno Chara tries to murder Max Pacioretty on the ice.

Chara savait très bien ce qu'il faisait

03/13/11 | par yevez | Catégories: Sports et jeux, hockey

Pour revenir sur l’incident qui a impliqué Zdeno Chara et Max Pacioretty, je n’ai qu’une chose à dire: On ne me fera jamais croire que Chara ne savait pas ce qu’il faisait. Il a tenté de blesser Pax et il a réussi.

Tout ça parce que Pacioretty l’a poussé un peu après avoir

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