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Threats of a shooting rampage had our practice gym closed

04/22/08 | by yevez | Categories: Footbag, Computers and the Internet, Society

What the heck! In what’s probably gonna end up being a prank, the Cegep of Old Montreal where the Montreal Footbag Net club practices was closed today. A teenager was arrested after he participated in a chat room and threats were made that a shootout would



Finally, the spring

04/20/08 | by yevez | Categories: Footbag, Life of pleasures, Sports and Games

The sun finally gets stonger and the skirts are among us. As the weather curve raises the dresses and sleeves shorten. Montreal shows a smiling face again and it’s even better after such a rough winter.

That also means that we’ll set the nets up and kick footbag outside again. I’ll have to raise my beat to 3-4 practices a week soon in preparation for the Green Cup, California’s best tournament.

How hard is it to have to be outdoors to kick a netbag with friends, cruel life :> I guess I’ll have to be a Footbag slave again. Whoopi!


Results for The 2008 Pro Kicker Windchill, Montreal Footbag Net tournament

04/15/08 | by yevez | Categories: Footbag, Life of pleasures, Sports and Games

We played, some won, some lost but no one was injured and we’re really happy about that.

In the singles net Intermediate category France representative Thibault Rehn won over Montrealer Julien Tremblay. Thibault lost game one but rallied to win the two other games over a dissapointed Tremblay. The good news is that Julien is



Preliminary results for The ProKicker Windchill footbag net tournament

04/12/08 | by yevez | Categories: Footbag, Sports and Games

It’s done, we went through the first day of the tournament and nobody’s hurt. No big surprises either except that the 2007 singles champion will not return to his throne. Gilles Demers lost



Southeastern Footbag Championships, I am back

04/09/08 | by yevez | Categories: Footbag, Sports and Games

I came back yesterday from my journey to the Memphis tournament. It was a lot of fun and I want to thank the organizers: Ken Hamric, Walt Houston, Ben Alston, Willi, Tommy and all the others that helped. My partner Cory Current and I finished 3rd in doubles, losing in the semi-finals to



Footbag, Takraw, Peteca inexpensive ways to make kids move.

04/01/08 | by yevez | Categories: Footbag, Life of pleasures, Sports and Games

This is the trilogy that I’ve been working on for a while. Footbag of course came in first. I started it in Quebec in 1981. I toured to demonstrate Takraw in the US in 1990. My partner Lisa McDaniel and I went to over 200 schools located in 10 different states. For those who wouldn’t know Footbag is what is usually called “Hacky Sack” which is of course a popular brand name. Takraw is the national sport in Thailand. It’s a mix of Volleyball and Soccer played on a badminton court. Confusing? Let’s just say that the best players are



Kicking is fun but kicking a Footbag is more fun...for me

03/30/08 | by yevez | Categories: Footbag, Life of pleasures

Yes soccer is the most popular sport on earth. It’s fun to kick a soccer ball around and I certainly understand how easy it is to distribute as a global idea. A ball 2 goals, 22 people playing. Hard to beat.



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