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Spammers never rest

03/04/10 | by yevez | Categories: Computers and the Internet, Global Economy, Society

I am always amazed at the resilience of the internet spammers. They just don’t get it, they never tire out of causing damage to the whole society with the masses of bandwidth that they consume and the time they make others loose.

I receive a few comments per month in this blog that are pure SPAM. The person (or robot script for what I know) writes an meaningless comment like: Thanks for a great post and they stick the address of their web site to try to get link popularity.

Well there’s only one response to that, I’ll keep the comment and remove the URL in case you’d be tempted. On the other hand I’ll be happy to keep the web site’s address related to any RELEVANT comment.


Mira Mira is officially published

02/10/10 | by yevez | Categories: Computers and the Internet, Society

It is now official: Phase 1 of the Mira Mira project is completed, published and publicly available. Mira Mira or Look Look, in the English version, is an educational and commercial dictionary targeted mainly at North America. The site offers vocabulary in three languages: Spanish, English and French.

Mira Mira project logo


Launch of a new web site: The Mira Mira project

02/02/10 | by yevez | Categories: Computers and the Internet, Society

Today marks the unofficial launch of the Mira Mira project website. Mira Mira is an educational and commercial spanish, english and french dictionary. It offers basic vocabulary classified in 7 different categories.

I plan to offer practical sentences and verbs translations in the future in the education section. Check it out.


Vote for environment

10/12/08 | by yevez | Categories: Computers and the Internet

The web site vote for environment is leading the way into grouping the green conscience voting in an anti Harper smart vote across the party lines. If this government is re-elected and even more if it’s a majority government it’ll be a disaster for this country, and the planet.

You can enter your zip code in an application on the site to know who to vote for in your riding to defeat the conservatives. Check out this video


World Footbag Championships: Montreal back on top

Strangely the Footbag net competition at the 2008 Prague World Footbag Championships brought the same doubles finals than the finals of the Pro Kicker Montreal Championships held 3 weeks before. So if you want to win Worlds you have to make it here.:> This tournament is sometimes harder to win than Worlds.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists at Worlds and to every one who’s happy with their experience, Footbag rocks.


How sad can the Internet be with all the spam

06/30/08 | by yevez | Categories: Computers and the Internet, Society, Medias

It’s a sad day as I had to disable trackbacks to this blog due to constant spamming attacks from, for one very persistent spammer, referring as selling medication (Ultram). How stupid can you be to pollute the internet like that.

You make the experience cheap and non-rewarding you all low life cowards. The commucations can be so special through all the tools created by geniuses but we have to deal with the worst scum.

Good job you suckers now not even real referrals will be possible on this site, you win again, may you rot in hell!


Sex and the City

06/03/08 | par yevez | Catégories: Computers and the Internet

It was good to see Carri Bradshaw on big screen yesterday. As a fan of the series I like the major irony surronding it and it is way present in the movie. Don’t get me wrong this is not a good movie at all. It stinks as far as being a complete and coherent piece of cinematographic work but there are still some flashes that are all worth it for the series fan.

Sarah Jessica Parker is just so unbelievable in her cuteness that it’s just impossible to resist her. Big is Big. Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte are all exhibiting the opposite of what real women are with such a great commitment that it gets to you after a while. Their dilemnas are human and no guns, yeah!

Finally lets face it, women thrive on human drama and it’s what we really need. Some humanity that’s not defined by the dominant males.


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