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Threats of a shooting rampage had our practice gym closed

04/22/08 | by yevez | Categories: Footbag, Computers and the Internet, Society

What the heck! In what’s probably gonna end up being a prank, the Cegep of Old Montreal where the Montreal Footbag Net club practices was closed today. A teenager was arrested after he participated in a chat room and threats were made that a shootout would



The 2008 Pro Kicker Windchill, Montreal Footbag Net tournament is up this week-end

04/11/08 | by yevez | Categories: Computers and the Internet

Just a reminder that the ProKicker Windchill is happening this week-end at the Cegep of Old Montreal located at the corner of Ontario and Sanguinet streets. We will play from 10h30 to 16h30 on Saturday the 12th and Sunday the 13th of april. Spectators are invited and it is free for them.


Network007, Internet Secret Agents

This blog is part of a larger network called Network007 This company has a goal of creating opportunities for “Domainers", aka people with an interest in investing in the Internet domain names seen as a real estate property type. My partner, Sébastien Perron and I, own



Happy animals a web site aimed at animal lovers

03/26/08 | by yevez | Categories: General, Computers and the Internet, Life of pleasures

There must be a zillion web sites about animals. Happy Animals is based on a lot of visual content. I search through the net to find beautiful pictures of domestic, exotic, wild and farm animals.

For the information part, I rely on the Happy Animals forum where I invite anybody who has an animal story to tell to share it with us. The Forum is bilingual. Its main section is in english but you can chat in French also. You’re invited to register to this Forum and share your animal concerns with us.


Who really is Bill Gates

03/21/08 | by yevez | Categories: Computers and the Internet, Global Economy

Bill Gates has brought criticism on himself by the way he conducted Microsoft to relentlessly defeat all competition around its software business. He’s seen as a heartless tycoon in the Computer world. He’s also a business if not a computer genius.

On the other hand



The Google top 10 myth

03/19/08 | by yevez | Categories: General, Computers and the Internet

It’s extremely funny to see so many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies on the internet promising a place in top 10 on Google. Some key word combinations return over a billion results and magically with their wand they would bring a brand new web site in the top 10 results of Google.



Yves Archambault starts blogging here and now

03/17/08 | by yevez | Categories: Computers and the Internet

Here and now! That’s something I always liked. Living in the present, doing things, being interested. As my partner, Sébastien Perron, and I, are involved in a business targeting primarely kids and skills games, we have to live in this here and now in order to transmit our passion properly. With games like Footbag and Handsack, Takraw and Peteca, we aim at making kids move at a minimal cost. Of course I will be blogging about this but I have other interests as well:

  • The Environment
  • Computers
  • Politics
  • Having fun in life

So I hope to find some of you down the road that have thoughts to share about my preoccupations.


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NutZ blog

In this blog I will express myself on my favorite subjects, Footbag and other sports, the environment, computers, politics and generally having fun in life.

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