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Montreal Canadiens start strong in the new NHL season

10/12/08 | by yevez | Categories: Life of pleasures, Sports and Games, Hockey, Society

Our beloved Montreal Canadiens are back in action and tonight’s performance againt the Maple Leafs was superb. They took care of the Leafs right from the start and sailed to an easy 6-1 victory. The power play showed signs of last year’s excellence (1st in the league standings) with 3 goals scored with the man advantage. Jaroslav’s Halak debut was solid as well as a little lucky, the Toronto players hitting the post on many occasions.

Overall good passing, great transition and



Discover a World citizen's change factor

09/04/08 | by yevez | Categories: Politics, Global Economy, Society

I discovered a couple of years ago when I received an email from one of the founding members. I’ve been very interested since that moment by their approach on global human problems and some localized ones. Obviously is lead by people who care about their fellow human beings. I do invite you to visit their site to get to know their work.

There are so many times that we think that we can’t do anything to change the world to be a better place. The internet is our main tool to get to know each other and the ones who control us. has been conducting successfull PR operations to put pressure on governments and private companies to go towards a more humane world. We need them, they need us so it’s up to you.

With the likes of Avaaz and Greenpeace we have activists dedicating their lives for the future of this race, at least let’s have a look at what they’re doing.


Harper government cuts back in culture, another mess from the prairie boys

08/19/08 | by yevez | Categories: Politics, Global Economy, Society

Why should we help out our artists when we can subsidize the “poor” oil industry. Why give the “Holy Fuck” band a couple of thousands dollars when we can use them as a moral caution for cutting back in cultural programs. Censors and moralists preventing the “Canadian” to be associated with anything marginal the prairie boys hit again. Doing their dirty job in the summer while the general public is on vacation they decided to pull the plug to



Bush to criticize China on human rights, right

08/09/08 | by yevez | Categories: Politics, Society

George W Bush pushed the envelope again this week by criticizing China publicly about its record on human rights. Well directed Georgie after Guantanamo, the secret flights to bring prisoners of war to be tortured in other countries, after the US army being responsible for over 100,000 Iraki’s deaths and over 4,000 US soldiers killed over a nuclear hoax? You’re as credible as a Junkie trying to sell detox programs.

Unfortunately for them the United States of America cannot be the leader of democracy any more after being exposed once or twice too many times, if you know what I mean.

And in the meantime Stephen Harper is conducting some more plans to make Canada the laugh of the World on climate change while attending a local barbecue instead of being present in China and doing his job, well done guys, we love you.


How sad can the Internet be with all the spam

06/30/08 | by yevez | Categories: Computers and the Internet, Society, Medias

It’s a sad day as I had to disable trackbacks to this blog due to constant spamming attacks from, for one very persistent spammer, referring as selling medication (Ultram). How stupid can you be to pollute the internet like that.

You make the experience cheap and non-rewarding you all low life cowards. The commucations can be so special through all the tools created by geniuses but we have to deal with the worst scum.

Good job you suckers now not even real referrals will be possible on this site, you win again, may you rot in hell!


Evolution is here right now

06/20/08 | by yevez | Categories: Environmental concerns, Life of pleasures, Society

Too bad for the tennants of the creation of the World in 7 days by “a” God. Humans, if they’re not insane, know that any God considered as a good entity, would like them to be responsible for themselves. Thus creating a better world for the majority is the only survival goal that we need to seek for.

This is called evolution. In any part of an evolution there are still moments and even regressions. But evolution is “inexorable", or the species disappear.

George Bush and Stephen Harper, though very powerful at this very, small level, have the dissapearing gene very stronly implanted. Good for them, bad for us. Us being the majority of ordinary people that would ultimately just want to be peaceful and happy.

If they were so good, the World wouldn’t even need so much oil as intelligence and perception by now. The sun would be exploited, not our poor human neighbours. We would fly with solar, wind and who knows what, combination right now. Endless energy loops? Magnetic repulsion magnets and everything that proper funding could get out of our many geniuses.

They’re often hired to create havoc and everybody should think that it’s normal. Sorry it ain’t the way of evelution.

And here’s a reminder of what used to be called Revolution


A video about the fascist Israel wall in Palestine

06/18/08 | by yevez | Categories: Politics, Society

Here’s a good video that explains the damages that the immense Wall the Israelis build causes to Palestinians in the West Bank


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