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How sad can the Internet be with all the spam

06/30/08 | by yevez | Categories: Computers and the Internet, Society, Medias

It’s a sad day as I had to disable trackbacks to this blog due to constant spamming attacks from, for one very persistent spammer, referring as selling medication (Ultram). How stupid can you be to pollute the internet like that.

You make the experience cheap and non-rewarding you all low life cowards. The commucations can be so special through all the tools created by geniuses but we have to deal with the worst scum.

Good job you suckers now not even real referrals will be possible on this site, you win again, may you rot in hell!


Tommy Lee to appear on a new reality show

04/03/08 | by yevez | Categories: Environmental concerns, Society, Medias

Yes, another reality tv. This time the subject will be the environment. Tommy Lee says he’s gonna appear on that show, that will run for 12 weeks, for his children. He says that he thinks that there are too many reality shows and that they’re stupid but he’s gonna do it anyway ‘cause he’s scared for the future of his children. A paycheck with your concerns never hurts.

I just wonder how americans still give any entertainment value to this guy. Isn’t he a has been?


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