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World Hunger - what can possibly be done?

04/30/08 | by yevez | Categories: Politics, Global Economy, Society

I am touched by the hunger problems, I am touched in my heart, aren’t you? This doesn’t have to do with religion, with any of the definitions we ever had, because we have to stop defining ourselves throughout our past.


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and then this guy who really explains the whole thing as it is.


Nuclear power is it really a solution?

04/29/08 | by yevez | Categories: Environmental concerns, Global Economy, Society

Nuclear power plants cost a fortune to build and to maintain but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. For something as dangerous as it is, remember Tchernobyl and Three Miles Island anyone?, it also bares some long term costs that may not be worth their while. The extra costs come with the disposal of the extremely toxic and long lasting nuclear waste. As with every solution there are people who have economic interests in the process, same for nuclear.

Just give this video a look; it’s about the situation in England and the alternative solutions that could replace nuclear with a smaller footprint on the environment and, yes, smaller costs. It can be found on the Greenpeace UK website.


Canada sells its soul to the US for oil money

04/26/08 | by yevez | Categories: Environmental concerns, Global Economy, Society

In Canada’s fight to perform a better management of the greenhouse gases we lose because we compromise ourselves in selling the tar sands oil to the US. In an article I was reading this week the journalist was titling

Canada is victim of the american appetite

This is total BS,



10 minutes a day to save the planet, that's the utopy

04/25/08 | by yevez | Categories: Environmental concerns, Society

I’m sure that I lot of people think of me as a dreamer and somewhat deconnected being. I often ranted about the environment and the challenges that we’ll have to face, which compared to the ones of today are immense, and sometimes came up with a simplistic vision of victory.

In the end I don’t think that I’m that shallow. I surely know that we have a lot of common work to do to make things better. That’s just another reason to call me a utopist.

That’s probably why I like John Lennon’s song so much.

Anyway I was reading recently that a lot of books recently published were carrying the message that we could save the world by using 10 minutes a day working on it. The perfect recycler, driving the most fuel hungry SUV can then feel good about their efforts. Good for you.

It’s not that simple, we need laws to protect humanity. Like the laws that protect our poor lungs against second hand smoke. It took a huge consensus to have these laws approved… and a few very important law suits wins.

Only stong, people oriented, governments are gonna change things, forget the Bush’s and the Harper’s of this world.

That doesn’t mean that our best efforts shall diminish, not at all. We just need to ask more from our electeds.


Threats of a shooting rampage had our practice gym closed

04/22/08 | by yevez | Categories: Footbag, Computers and the Internet, Society

What the heck! In what’s probably gonna end up being a prank, the Cegep of Old Montreal where the Montreal Footbag Net club practices was closed today. A teenager was arrested after he participated in a chat room and threats were made that a shootout would



The Rallye is behind our Montreal Canadiens

04/21/08 | by yevez | Categories: General, Life of pleasures, Sports and Games, Hockey, Society

The Montreal Canadiens won, I was scared but they did overcome their own fears of the Bruins. A big bad bear was jumping on them for the last 3-4 games but they found a way to be a fast team again.

Carey Price saved the game for Montreal in the first period as the Bruins were attacking with all their heart. Congrats to Boston by the way they earned a lot of respect with the way they played this series.

Komisarek scored a lucky goal to put Montreal on top, who deserved it better. Leading in blocked shots and hits in the NHL this season, Komisarek is definetely the type of guy that you would want to have on your team. Then, Swiss player Mark Streit scored a superstar goal. He clearly mystified Tim Thomas to finally push the puck between the goalie’s wide opened legs. At 2-0 Montreal I don’t think that anyone was celebrating yet.

This Bruins team showed that they never give up. They finally did break in the end. The End of that game orchestrated by the Kostitsyn brothers. Andrei finally scored, not one but two goals and younger brother Sergei ended the match with the nail in the Bruin’s coffin.

Montreal is a really good team but they seem to lack the necessary experience to go all the way. Maybe that everything relies on Carey? “Price the Lord”


Finally, the spring

04/20/08 | by yevez | Categories: Footbag, Life of pleasures, Sports and Games

The sun finally gets stonger and the skirts are among us. As the weather curve raises the dresses and sleeves shorten. Montreal shows a smiling face again and it’s even better after such a rough winter.

That also means that we’ll set the nets up and kick footbag outside again. I’ll have to raise my beat to 3-4 practices a week soon in preparation for the Green Cup, California’s best tournament.

How hard is it to have to be outdoors to kick a netbag with friends, cruel life :> I guess I’ll have to be a Footbag slave again. Whoopi!


Ethanol seems to hurt more than it helps at this point

04/17/08 | by yevez | Categories: Politics, Global Economy, Society

Five years ago I was all pumped up about the idea of Ethanol entering the fuels market. Right now I know I was fooled, some one must have known that this would lead to a catastrophe. For the small gain in pollution reduction that it turns in,



The Montreal Canadiens beat Boston in the 4th game of the playoffs

04/15/08 | by yevez | Categories: Life of pleasures, Sports and Games, Hockey

This was a close one, The Bruins and the Canadiens delivered a real good hockey game tonight. Boston was extremely tenacious and they came so close to execute a perfect play, which would have tied the game, in the last minute of play.

So Price the lord managed to shut the door with grits. The young goaltender sensation kept his cool in front of a very agressive Boston team. The game was spectacular but clean, which is always nice to see. Hockey is for real strong athletes but nobody likes to see their human superheroes hurt.

I personnally like fast play and spectacular goals, precise passes,good body checks but absolutely no undue violence. Thanks to both teams for a real neat game.

Final result: Montreal 1 Boston 0
Montreal Canadiens lead the series 3-1


Results for The 2008 Pro Kicker Windchill, Montreal Footbag Net tournament

04/15/08 | by yevez | Categories: Footbag, Life of pleasures, Sports and Games

We played, some won, some lost but no one was injured and we’re really happy about that.

In the singles net Intermediate category France representative Thibault Rehn won over Montrealer Julien Tremblay. Thibault lost game one but rallied to win the two other games over a dissapointed Tremblay. The good news is that Julien is



Preliminary results for The ProKicker Windchill footbag net tournament

04/12/08 | by yevez | Categories: Footbag, Sports and Games

It’s done, we went through the first day of the tournament and nobody’s hurt. No big surprises either except that the 2007 singles champion will not return to his throne. Gilles Demers lost



The 2008 Pro Kicker Windchill, Montreal Footbag Net tournament is up this week-end

04/11/08 | by yevez | Categories: Computers and the Internet

Just a reminder that the ProKicker Windchill is happening this week-end at the Cegep of Old Montreal located at the corner of Ontario and Sanguinet streets. We will play from 10h30 to 16h30 on Saturday the 12th and Sunday the 13th of april. Spectators are invited and it is free for them.


Southeastern Footbag Championships, I am back

04/09/08 | by yevez | Categories: Footbag, Sports and Games

I came back yesterday from my journey to the Memphis tournament. It was a lot of fun and I want to thank the organizers: Ken Hamric, Walt Houston, Ben Alston, Willi, Tommy and all the others that helped. My partner Cory Current and I finished 3rd in doubles, losing in the semi-finals to



Tommy Lee to appear on a new reality show

04/03/08 | by yevez | Categories: Environmental concerns, Society, Medias

Yes, another reality tv. This time the subject will be the environment. Tommy Lee says he’s gonna appear on that show, that will run for 12 weeks, for his children. He says that he thinks that there are too many reality shows and that they’re stupid but he’s gonna do it anyway ‘cause he’s scared for the future of his children. A paycheck with your concerns never hurts.

I just wonder how americans still give any entertainment value to this guy. Isn’t he a has been?


Footbag, Takraw, Peteca inexpensive ways to make kids move.

04/01/08 | by yevez | Categories: Footbag, Life of pleasures, Sports and Games

This is the trilogy that I’ve been working on for a while. Footbag of course came in first. I started it in Quebec in 1981. I toured to demonstrate Takraw in the US in 1990. My partner Lisa McDaniel and I went to over 200 schools located in 10 different states. For those who wouldn’t know Footbag is what is usually called “Hacky Sack” which is of course a popular brand name. Takraw is the national sport in Thailand. It’s a mix of Volleyball and Soccer played on a badminton court. Confusing? Let’s just say that the best players are



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