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First results for the Green Cup

05/25/08 | by yevez | Categories: Footbag, Life of pleasures, Sports and Games

The first day of the competition at the Green Cup started with singles Net. As it is more and more common to see at tournaments the singles part was a single elimination bracket. You loose a match you’re out. We played all the way to the semi-finals and there was one very noticeable upset: Martin Cote from Montreal beat John Leys who was seeded number 2. The semi-finals will feature Martin versus Florian Goetze as well as Yves Archambault vs 10 times World Champion Emmanuel Bouchard.

We then started the doubles competition and this part went pretty much as planned as the top 8 teams kept their seeds in a pool format. At this point there are 14 teams left and tomorrow we will play that through to the semi-finals. The top teams are: Florian Goetze and Partick Schrickel who are the current World Champions, Eric Wulff and John Leys who are the defending Green Cup Champions and seeded third the team of PT Lovern and Manu Bouchard. A Wild card team would be Kenny Shults and Randy Mulder. They are the guests of honor at the Green Cup this year (with Martin Cote) Kenny and Randy used to dominate Footbag net doubles in the early 90’s and they reunited especially for this tournament. Although these guys don’t practice much anymore they are to be taken seriously just for the sheer amount of talent that they bring to the game.


Taking off for the Green Cup

05/15/08 | by yevez | Categories: Footbag, Life of pleasures, Sports and Games

I’m leaving in a few hours for California and the Green Cup. The GC is one of the most important Footbag Net tournaments. It is held by the Chaos club of Oakland and most importantly it will be the leader’s marriage. PT Lovern is the heart and soul of Chaos, can’t wait for the event and the party that will follow, it should be something.

Then I’m gonna follow the Bay to Breakers race on sunday morning. On monday the 19th I’m gonna retreat to Yosemite with a good friend of mine. It’s part of getting ready for competition. We’re gonna hike and basically empty ourselves from the city stress and let the nature fill us with power… On thursday we come back to the city for a last practice before the tournament. The event starts on saturday in Oakland where it’s gonna be for 2 days. Then on monday it’s semis and finals day. We all wish to be there, but it’s gonna be very strong this year and I can smell a few upsets already. Pro Kicker is gonna be a sponsor of the event and the Impact Footbag will be the official bag of the tournament.


Are Insurance companies ruling our lives

05/10/08 | by yevez | Categories: Politics, Society

It seems that every time I want to make a move to organize something cool there’s always a slowing factor: Are you insured for this? Are you insured for that? But you have to get insurance…

An example, my partner and I are both involved in the promotion and sales of skills games. Footbag, Peteca, Hand Sack, Takraw are fun new games we like to share. We could help out one of our customers, a toy store owner, who would like for us to demonstrate our games in the parking lot in front of the store… But they’re afraid that the parking owner would be afraid of something happening, you know an insurance question.

The lawyers and court business combined with the insurance fraud are paralysing us for the .01 percent of chance that something bad could happen. Wonder why so many kids are fat; it’s the insurance fault. Why so many people are depressed; the insurance fault. Why people are staying home overdosing on meds, the insurance fault. This is all bullshit as it’s so far from freedom. It’s called institutionalized PARANOIA and I’m sick of it.


Wind power will rise in Quebec

05/07/08 | by yevez | Categories: Environmental concerns, Politics, Global Economy, Society

Yesterday the prime minister of Quebec announced that 15 new Eolian parks will be built in the province of Quebec. This is good news except for the view. The giant towers can either be perceived as beautiful or as being real ugly. The important thing is that they will provide clean energy and that’s what we need, or do we?



Montreal Canadiens out, normal life back in

05/04/08 | by yevez | Categories: Sports and Games, Hockey, Society

With the elimination of the Canadiens yesterday a good proportion of Montreal’s population will just be happy to



Bush & Co fight Vermont

05/02/08 | by yevez | Categories: Environmental concerns, Politics, Global Economy, Society

The Bush administration provided a document in court in the case opposing the Vermont state to the US automobile industry. As the Environmental protection agency rejected the tough on emissions California law, the government asked the court to consider that in the Vermont case the previous ruling in favor of states controlling their emission levels laws should be invalidated.

Trying to set new precedents to go against the courageous states fighting in favor of reducing pollution is really another very intelligent gesture from that administration. Just what the rest of the planet needed by the way. This shows a great sense of leadership for the future :>

Almost at the same time India’s finance minister was declaring:

It is a crime against humanity to transform our food into automobile fuel

Right on Palaniappan Chidambaram, way to go.


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