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Harper is back on track with more lies on the environment

09/15/08 | by yevez | Categories: Politics

Yes the Canadian government is giving a pass to the Petroleum companies. No they don’t give a damn about the environment, 2050 is too late and targets for below 2006 emissions levels are a joke.

They can say whatever about Dion but nothing prevents you for voting NDP or Green even



Federer renews with greatness at the US open

09/09/08 | by yevez | Categories: Life of pleasures, Sports and Games

For a while this year I thought that Roger Federer would never win a grand slam title again. Well I’m happy that he proved me wrong last night when he succeeded in the challenge of winning a 5th US Open title in a row. His fluid style and perfect movement was back during this tournament to the pleasure of his many fans. It’s still Rafael Nadal’s year but Roger is back on the hard court.

Fed beat Andy Murray in straight sets in a good demonstration of what it is to be a champion. He had to be even better to beat Novak Djokovic in the semis on saturday. His serve was not as destructive against the scottish but he was on the offence side throughout the match always looking for the winner.

Murray on the other hand seemed a little flat at times and he probably tweeked his knee sometimes during the second set. In that same second set he was robbed of a break point that could have changed the match when a line judge missed a call. As the players were in the middle of a fast paced rallye Murray didn’t stop the play to go to the challenge system, too bad, even great champions need a little luck at times.

Way to go Roger and as you said to the interviewer who was harassing you with that question 27 years old is still very young and we wish you many other grand slam titles, this could be needed if you don’t want to see Nadal beat the record in no time. (14 grand Slam titles held by Pete Sampras)

Here’s an article by the BBC on Federer’s win:


Discover a World citizen's change factor

09/04/08 | by yevez | Categories: Politics, Global Economy, Society

I discovered a couple of years ago when I received an email from one of the founding members. I’ve been very interested since that moment by their approach on global human problems and some localized ones. Obviously is lead by people who care about their fellow human beings. I do invite you to visit their site to get to know their work.

There are so many times that we think that we can’t do anything to change the world to be a better place. The internet is our main tool to get to know each other and the ones who control us. has been conducting successfull PR operations to put pressure on governments and private companies to go towards a more humane world. We need them, they need us so it’s up to you.

With the likes of Avaaz and Greenpeace we have activists dedicating their lives for the future of this race, at least let’s have a look at what they’re doing.


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