Results for The 2008 Pro Kicker Montreal Footbag Championships

Results for The 2008 Pro Kicker Montreal Footbag Championships

07/22/08 | by yevez | Categories: Footbag, Life of pleasures, Sports and Games

20 years of Footbag tournaments in Montreal. Done. This edition was very special. It was the return to the source. The Game. Some strange things happened. Overall it was a lot of fun and it turned out a great doubles finals.


It was supposed to be a 3 days tournament with a friday 4 pm singles start. No luck there, it was rained out. We had to compress the schedule in 2 days as usual, not like it was the first time that we had to do that though. So we did battle it up from 10h30 saturday morning with the open and intermediate singles net. We played through the quarters and kept the semi-finals for later. Then we played a lot of doubles.

At 6 pm the intermediate finals crowned Christophe Spooner over Sébastien Lessard. Then the singles finalists were known: Emmanuel Bouchard would defend his title against John Leys.

Day 2 started at Park Jeanne-Mance around 11am. My partner, Jeremy Mirken, and I had to play the remaining of a match interrupted by heavy rain the day before. We were meeting Samuel Cloutier and Tuan Vu and the score was 12-13 with Tuan Vu serving me (Yves Archambault) in a decisive game to 15. It was pretty stressfull, a situation I’d not yet lived in 23 years of competitive Footbag. We finally prevailed en route to a 5th place spot.

The day was progressing normally until the Police closed the entire park due to a fireworks happening later at night? The had to spray the park with water (it was all wet already with all the rain and some more was on the way.) As soon as they told me, I initiated a retreat to the park we played the day before and we finished the tournament at Lafontaine.

Then a great match was played. The doubles finals between PT Lovern and Emmanuel Bouchard on one side and JF Lemieux and Gilles Demers on the other was a Footbag anthology moment. They fought till the last moment and finally PT and Manu got away with the victory, 16-14 in the 3rd game. No one has to be ashamed to loose such a match. It really set a high tone for the World Championships coming soon.

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