Harper is back on track with more lies on the environment

Harper is back on track with more lies on the environment

09/15/08 | by yevez | Categories: Politics

Yes the Canadian government is giving a pass to the Petroleum companies. No they don’t give a damn about the environment, 2050 is too late and targets for below 2006 emissions levels are a joke.

They can say whatever about Dion but nothing prevents you for voting NDP or Green even


Bloc party. We are facing the biggest challenge of all times and the Conservatives are not even aware of it yet. They pretend that this would damage our economy but in fact they are just pleasing their powerful friends from the ancient fossil fuel lobby. The ones who permitted them to be elected.

Don’t vote Harper vote for your children and grand children, these people are bad, as we will discover if you let them rule the country, more scandals will emerge, remember the Mulroney conservatives, these secretives liars will pop in your faces too.



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