Why am I in favor of the side-out scoring in Footbag net?

Why am I in favor of the side-out scoring in Footbag net?

09/27/10 | by yevez | Categories: Footbag, Sports and Games, KICK VOLLEY

Grischa Tellenbach from the french Footbag Association asked me that question recently:

If you had to choose a sole scoring system for Footbag Net which one would you
choose rallye scoring or side-out?

Here’s my detailed answer:
I would choose Side-out scoring

Here’s why:
1- It is almost impossible to orchestrate a come back when there’s a


5-6 points difference in a game which kills the suspense as when we use the side-out system there’s always a possibility to break the opponent’s serve over and over again and to finally take control of the match and eventually come back a the score.

2- The service in this sport still has to evolve and the rallye scoring brings the players to be too cautious about it. I’d like to see more big serves à la BOB or the like of SEBASTIEN VERDY. (As his serve has never been equaled and he retired in 1999 there’s still a long way to go in this department)

3- I really don’t think that this sport needs a change in the scoring system as it’s main priority. There’s a lot of other problems that should be taken over before that like a name change for example :> and a lot of other things that I would have liked to share it the famous meeting on the future of footbag net would have happened in Oakland. :no:

4- The two (2) last men’s finals at the World Footbag Championships, singles and doubles, clearly demonstrated that when the all players on the are at the highest level, they can give a great show in the actual system (side-out). 15-13 in the 3rd game how can you ask for more? The players know and master the flow of the side-out game. If these matches would have been played in the rallye scoring and we, the spectators, would have been deprived of that great dynamic and perfect drama in 2hours-2hours and 1/2. I didn’t see anyone leaving the room, did you?

5- I like the idea, that at equal strength, there will be a determining series of side-out where one of the teams will finally ‘’break'’. Example: Luc Legault and I played PT Lovern and Manu Bouchard at the 2009 Green Cup. After we won the second game we traded side-outs 25 times before another point was scored at 7-3 for them. They finally scored (8-3) and fled with the match afterwards, they broke us down. I find this fascinating.

6- The idea of conserving energy for players by using the rallye scoring makes me laugh. If the players in this sport would only party a little less during the tournaments and train properly they would all the needed energy. Don’t drink, don’t smoke (cigarettes or else) go to bed early like a real athlete and you won’t need a break for energy.

7- The other idea to format matches in hour for TV is far from reality as no television station has expressed any interest in over 3 decades. Web diffusion is our solution and then time constraints don’t apply.

8- To use the rallye scoring to facilitate organizer’s planning: IRRELEVANT at this point. They could start by applying their schedules strictly and by systematically scratching late players, whatever their names are, it would already be the beginning of a certain level of professionalism.>

I could go on all day over that, here you go…

Yves Archambault



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