The Google top 10 myth

The Google top 10 myth

03/19/08 | by yevez | Categories: General, Computers and the Internet

It’s extremely funny to see so many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies on the internet promising a place in top 10 on Google. Some key word combinations return over a billion results and magically with their wand they would bring a brand new web site in the top 10 results of Google.


How in Hell could they all do that? Some do it with questionable methods that could get the site banned from the Google results, such as cloaking. Some really might have the magic touch and bring you there (in the top 10 heaven), of course it’s another story to stay in this first page in the long run. With hundreds of SEO companies rising like muffins in a bakery I seriously doubt that they can all deliver what they promise and I strongly suggest that anyone wanting to work with any of them make sure to run a good background check. Ask them for references that you can verify on the net as well as in person and make sure that you can pay when the result can be verified.

Make sure that they explain clearly the methods that they are gonna use. If it involves any internet black magic, stay away.

In a word use caution



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