Global Climate Wake-Up

09/18/09 | by yevez | Categories: Environmental concerns, Politics, Society

We all know that the climate changes are becoming an emergency matter, but some of our leaders are still blind to that reality. That’s why the December 09 meeting in Copenhagen is crucial for all of us. There are some citizen organizations that work very hard at making our concerns visible to the world leaders.

Humanitarian organisation's logo is one of them. Next monday it coordinates actions in a lot of different



Murray out, Serena and Nadal in at the US open

09/08/09 | by yevez | Categories: Sports and Games

Andy Murray was obviously in a bad day this afternoon. He seemed to suffer from his left wrist or was it him preparing an official excuse for loosint to the giant Cilic? We’ll never know but it was clear that Murray was not at his best and looked in a very low energy mode. Cilic on the other hand



Federer is the king of the court in Cincinnati

08/24/09 | by yevez | Categories: Sports and Games

Roger Federer was imperial today on the center court of the ATP Masters series in Cincinnati. He faced the 4th player in the world Novak Djokovic, the Joker is no easy prey, he defeated Rafael Nadal the day before.

Federer dominated the 1st set, playing beautifully, it’s like he was in Djokovic’s head as he was anticipating his shots so easily. It was already 5-0 when the Serbian finally could hold his serve. First set: Federer wins 6-1.

Djokovic came to his senses at the beginning of the second set and took Federer’s serve early to lead 3-0. Federer broke him back in the 5th game and got back at 3-3 in his next serving game. At 5-5 Federer took Novak’s serve again. He played some unbelievable points to win it on his serve 7-5 avoiding a 3rd set.

Federer has to be considered as the favourite going in the US open. He’s healthy, on the rise after loosing in the quarters in Montreal, playing as good as ever. Can’t wait to see them all battling it up in NY city.


Footbag Net or KICK VOLLEY?

03/22/09 | by yevez | Categories: Footbag, Sports and Games

Yesterday was KICK VOLLEY’s beginnings as a name replacement for Footbag Net. The tournament is doubles only.

Today we will see who’s gonna get the crown here is the semi finals line up:

Semi finals 1: Gilles Demers and Luc Legault will battle Martin Côté and Martin Graton
Semi finals 2: JF Lemieux and Benjamin Rochon against François Depatie-Pelletier and Renaud Fanoni.

The complete schedule and other information is at


Footbag Net and KICK VOLLEY same game different name

02/15/09 | by yevez | Categories: Footbag, Sports and Games

All the info for KICK VOLLEY 01 is now available on

For now you can see the poster right here.

This is the poster for the 1st ever KICK VOLLEY event.


The Windchill Footbag tourney is movin' on to be KICK VOLLEY 01

02/14/09 | by yevez | Categories: General, Footbag, Life of pleasures, Sports and Games

After years of tournaments named the Montreal Windchill Footbag Net tournament, main organizer Yves Archambault moves on to rename the event: KICK VOLLEY 01.

It’s a fresh approach to the problematic of making this sport known. In the past the name Footbag conveyed a lot of good but also a lot of confusion as the general public had to deal with a lot of different footbag forms: Footbag Circle, Footbag Freestyle, Footbag Net and even Footbag Golf.

The name KICK VOLLEY is much more descriptive of what the athletes in this sport are doing. KICK is the martial arts component as many of the spikes are or could be inspired by martial arts KICKS. VOLLEY is the part of the name that describes the playing over the net with the 3 hits per side thing, only this time it’s all done with feet only, no hands, no chest block, no knees. The event is scheduled to take place on march 21st and 22nd at: Le Cégep du Vieux-Montréal. More info this week.


Footbag, a new team is born for the Montreal Windchill

11/08/08 | by yevez | Categories: Footbag

After countless rumors it is now official the 2009 Montreal Windchill will see a new (old) team rise. Gilles Demers and Luc Legault offered this blog the exclusivity of the news on thursday night after practice, they will be back together for yet another try at this launching of the season event. They won the Funtastik Summer classic and now they’ll try to win a Montreal Kick Volley tournament.

The “Brutes” will have another chance at succeeding in the Montreal uneasy climate after they made the Finals at the 2006 Summer champs.

Some other rumors are flying out these days. François Depatie-Pelletier (recent winner of the French Open Doubles with Flo Goetze) would play with Emmanuel Bouchard, this is still to be confirmed. The M & M’s could also be a come back team if the time table is suitable for busy father Martin Graton, the other M is of course Martin Côté.

Confirmed teams include Dominic O’Brien and Yves Archambault, we still have to see about the girls team of Geneviève Bousquet and Maude Landreville. We also do hope to see Benjamin Rochon and JF Lemieux team up for this. Stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks.

Gilles Demers toe jam at the 2008 Funtastik Summer Classic

Gilles Demers toe jam at the 2008 Funtastik Summer Classic. Demers and Legault were on their way to win the doubles finals.


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