Bush to criticize China on human rights, right

Bush to criticize China on human rights, right

08/09/08 | by yevez | Categories: Politics, Society

George W Bush pushed the envelope again this week by criticizing China publicly about its record on human rights. Well directed Georgie after Guantanamo, the secret flights to bring prisoners of war to be tortured in other countries, after the US army being responsible for over 100,000 Iraki’s deaths and over 4,000 US soldiers killed over a nuclear hoax? You’re as credible as a Junkie trying to sell detox programs.

Unfortunately for them the United States of America cannot be the leader of democracy any more after being exposed once or twice too many times, if you know what I mean.

And in the meantime Stephen Harper is conducting some more plans to make Canada the laugh of the World on climate change while attending a local barbecue instead of being present in China and doing his job, well done guys, we love you.



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