Canada sells its soul to the US for oil money

Canada sells its soul to the US for oil money

04/26/08 | by yevez | Categories: Environmental concerns, Global Economy, Society

In Canada’s fight to perform a better management of the greenhouse gases we lose because we compromise ourselves in selling the tar sands oil to the US. In an article I was reading this week the journalist was titling

Canada is victim of the american appetite

This is total BS,


we don’t have to fall for that the real appetite that we should talk about is money. A few riches will really profit from that whereas the middle class will end up suffering ‘cause this temporary boom in Alberta is making the real estate market climb at crazy rates. The taxes will raise accordingly for landlords and the poor people that have to rent will pay demential prices for their apartments.

So, Canada, instead of gaining ground towards the Kyoto objectives is losing its grip on reality. We should emit 6% less than the 1990 levels but were producing 25% more greenhouse gases instead. Most of this increase is due to the production of fossil fuels (Oil, natural gas and coal) most of which is send across the border the minute it is produced. Most of the profits too? Of course that doesn’t explain everything. SUV’s and light trucks popularity is on the rise even with all the information pertaining to the environmental problems that they cause. These vehicles emit 40% more GHG’s that traditional cars.

Canada’s temperature is rising faster than the average of the planet 1,4 degrees since 1948 compared to 0,74. For example the glaciers in the Saskatchewan river’s basin are dissapearing at an alarming rate, 328 of them melted completely on a a total of 853.

Mankind is like the annoying kid that always wait to be slapped before he behaves. How many New Orleans do we need - to understand?

Source: François Cardinal, La Presse Montréal wednesday april 23rd.
Original article title: Le Canada victime de l’appétit américain
This is not a translation but a comment about this article.



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