Complete results for the 2008 Green Cup, Footbag net tournament.

Complete results for the 2008 Green Cup, Footbag net tournament.

06/25/08 | by yevez | Categories: Footbag, Life of pleasures, Sports and Games

You can find complete results forThe 2008 Green Cup on Pro Kicker as well as a big set of pictures, some taken by Cory current, some by Yves Archambault.

This tournament was epic. The finals offered a good battle between the German World title holders Florian Goetze and Patrick Schrickel who prevailed over PT Lovern and Manu Bouchard.

Many other interesting matches happened at the Green Cup, including my teammate Martin Côté nearly defeating Florian in one of the singles semi-finals.

Mr Goetze emerged as the new Footbag superstar in this contest harvesting the singles, doubles and mixed doubles titles. That’s one more than what he accomplished at World Footbag Championships where he was second in singles. The king is dead…Long live the king!

Florian Goetze flying


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