Montreal Canadiens out, normal life back in

Montreal Canadiens out, normal life back in

05/04/08 | by yevez | Categories: Sports and Games, Hockey, Society

With the elimination of the Canadiens yesterday a good proportion of Montreal’s population will just be happy to


go back to their usual life.

As fun as it is when they win, a loss in not a catastrophy as there are tons of things to do when you’re not stuck in front of a TV set.

So for all the finished fans there is still time to get a life. For the others it’s just back to normal and it’s certainly not worse. Let’s not forget that we kind of fall for a ridiculously well marketed vain concept. Hockey is entertainment and no more, the rest is in your head, so please no depression. At least this will save a few stores from being broken into and a few police car from being burnt.



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