Taking off for the Green Cup

Taking off for the Green Cup

05/15/08 | by yevez | Categories: Footbag, Life of pleasures, Sports and Games

I’m leaving in a few hours for California and the Green Cup. The GC is one of the most important Footbag Net tournaments. It is held by the Chaos club of Oakland and most importantly it will be the leader’s marriage. PT Lovern is the heart and soul of Chaos, can’t wait for the event and the party that will follow, it should be something.

Then I’m gonna follow the Bay to Breakers race on sunday morning. On monday the 19th I’m gonna retreat to Yosemite with a good friend of mine. It’s part of getting ready for competition. We’re gonna hike and basically empty ourselves from the city stress and let the nature fill us with power… On thursday we come back to the city for a last practice before the tournament. The event starts on saturday in Oakland where it’s gonna be for 2 days. Then on monday it’s semis and finals day. We all wish to be there, but it’s gonna be very strong this year and I can smell a few upsets already. Pro Kicker is gonna be a sponsor of the event and the Impact Footbag will be the official bag of the tournament.



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