The Montreal Canadiens beat Boston in the 4th game of the playoffs

The Montreal Canadiens beat Boston in the 4th game of the playoffs

04/15/08 | by yevez | Categories: Life of pleasures, Sports and Games, Hockey

This was a close one, The Bruins and the Canadiens delivered a real good hockey game tonight. Boston was extremely tenacious and they came so close to execute a perfect play, which would have tied the game, in the last minute of play.

So Price the lord managed to shut the door with grits. The young goaltender sensation kept his cool in front of a very agressive Boston team. The game was spectacular but clean, which is always nice to see. Hockey is for real strong athletes but nobody likes to see their human superheroes hurt.

I personnally like fast play and spectacular goals, precise passes,good body checks but absolutely no undue violence. Thanks to both teams for a real neat game.

Final result: Montreal 1 Boston 0
Montreal Canadiens lead the series 3-1



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