The Rallye is behind our Montreal Canadiens

The Rallye is behind our Montreal Canadiens

04/21/08 | by yevez | Categories: General, Life of pleasures, Sports and Games, Hockey, Society

The Montreal Canadiens won, I was scared but they did overcome their own fears of the Bruins. A big bad bear was jumping on them for the last 3-4 games but they found a way to be a fast team again.

Carey Price saved the game for Montreal in the first period as the Bruins were attacking with all their heart. Congrats to Boston by the way they earned a lot of respect with the way they played this series.

Komisarek scored a lucky goal to put Montreal on top, who deserved it better. Leading in blocked shots and hits in the NHL this season, Komisarek is definetely the type of guy that you would want to have on your team. Then, Swiss player Mark Streit scored a superstar goal. He clearly mystified Tim Thomas to finally push the puck between the goalie’s wide opened legs. At 2-0 Montreal I don’t think that anyone was celebrating yet.

This Bruins team showed that they never give up. They finally did break in the end. The End of that game orchestrated by the Kostitsyn brothers. Andrei finally scored, not one but two goals and younger brother Sergei ended the match with the nail in the Bruin’s coffin.

Montreal is a really good team but they seem to lack the necessary experience to go all the way. Maybe that everything relies on Carey? “Price the Lord”



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